All Underground Projects, Large and Small

Our customers over the years include utility companies, transportation companies, large industries, hospitals, municipal and state agencies among many more. We are regarded by customers; to be the industry leader in civil infrastructure construction, because Tradetech Services Australia stands out; when it comes to knowledge, resources, and scope of services.

No matter, the size of the job that you need to be undertaken, TSA can take care of the work. We possess all the qualifications you are looking for in an electrical and civil provider.

The good news is we are a one stop shop for your projects which eliminates the need to liaise with multiple trades. The advantage is everything can be easily scheduled and controlled through TSA, resulting in a smoother work flow and better outcome for all.

Please get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help with your upcoming project.



Our experienced team can provide advice in all aspects of civil project design and install.

For example:

  • Underground Reticulation
  • Respective Distribution Authority regulations
  • Council requirements
  • Site audits and safety solutions
  • Project expediting
  • Reinstatement requirements
  • Electrical requirements

We also help you with all the DBYD information, QA forms, Cupid forms, photographs and any correspondence to customers and other authorities.


When it comes to planning the most cost effective and efficient way to get your project completed, our project planning experts can provide you with all the assistance you need.

Through open and regular communications with our customers, our team will work with you to optimise the allocation of resources and integrate them to meet site specific objectives.



With a cumulative 100 years experiencing in civil installations, our in-house site operational team will ensure your project runs safely and on time, every time.

TSA specialise in the below:

  • Project and administration managers
  • Qualified electricians
  • VESI accredited operators & civil workers
  • Vacuum excavation trucks (Non-Destructive Digging) and VOC’d operators
  • Vic Roads qualified traffic personnel
  • Concreters
  • Asphalters
  • Riggers
  • Dogmen
  • Electrical spotters


Upon the completion of the seamless installation from our TSA site team, you will be handed all the necessary legislative and controlled documents finalising the turnkey project provided by TSA.

  • As-builts
  • Audits
  • Detailing
  • ITP reports
  • Electrical CES
  • Handover documentation
VEDN Pole to PitConcrete & Asphalting